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Hi. I really did hope that I wouldn’t have to make this page, but the actions of a combined few of you have, indeed, tipped my hand. So here is a little background on how I regulate comments, what I’d like to see in the comment box, and the different tiers of idiocy that will earn you anything from scorn and disgust to mild amusement and a reply in the comment.

Every single comment you see has been personally read and approved by me. This is not likely to change in the recent future. Therefore, know that what you have said has been read over, checked for spelling and grammar, and then posted. I do like to make my commenters appear intelligent on the internets, so consider it as a little favor. This brings us to what I’d like to see in my comment queue:

Well thought-out responses to the subject matter of the post. I’m basically posting this stuff so that I can get feedback and advice without nagging people for it and seeming annoying, and also, as has been stated, to preserve this block of time for myself in the future. I’m sort of a mental packrat like that.

I also like to see trackbacks and pingbacks. This isn’t really applicable to my personal acquaintances, but rather to the Twitterverse these posts also go out to. Any attention my humble little blog gets is appreciated, and trackbacks and pageviews are the only way I see that.

Things I don’t like to see:

Dumb comments, like “lol” or “ur stupid”. These will get deleted immediately, and with extreme prejudice. You will also get banhammered.

Off-topic comments. These do get deleted, but there are some special circumstances. If the comment appears as if it was mistakenly posted under the wrong post, I will move it to the right one, no harm, no foul. If it’s completely off-topic, it gets deleted, but you get another chance. If you make two completely off-topic posts, you get banhammered.

Snarky comments. I don’t delete these, but I do get a funny taste in my mouth like I want to punch these people whenever I read them. These are also generally the comments I put [[Sri’s notes]] in, because, most of the time, I can respond to them and wipe the imaginary smirk off the commenter’s face. The only reason they don’t get banned is because they generally do have a point, and, while they may not be well-thought out, they are relevant to some extent, and most of the time, the snarky commenters do also have better comments elsewhere, so I’m reluctant to banhammer them. Be warned, though: I still don’t like them. And if you do turn on too much snark, I will seriously consider banhammering you anyway.To all snarksters: I know who you are, and you know who you are. So watch out.

So there you have it: commenting rules. Of course, there are the standard things, like no excessive cursing, and stuff like that. So have fun reading.


Written by Sri

April 3, 2009 at 3:50 PM

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