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On Contact Lenses

I’m here to talk about my contacts. I do not like my contacts.

You see, I got my first-ever pair of contacts on Monday. I did not particularly want contact lenses– what’s wrong with regular old glasses? Mine are serving me just fine, they just need a new prescription, that’s all. I mean, they’re even Transitions. I honestly can’t remember anybody not liking my Transitions; in fact, they’ve netted me several compliments. So you can understand my confusion when my mother told the opthalmologist to set me up with some contacts at my eye exam earlier this summer. Of course, I complied with the request; I mean, what’s so bad about contacts, right?



Contact lenses are part of the unholy trinity of fashion. The other two parts are unrealistically skinny models and elective cosmetic surgery. All of these represent attributes that people think they need to have in order to be beautiful, and are also detrimental to some other aspect of their lives. Because of modern society, we are pressured to pretend that we are all unrealistically skinny models with picture-perfect bodily features and perfect 20/20 fighter pilot vision. Well, it’s just not true. Because nobody’s like that, it’s all camera angles and Photoshop. (Also, while I’ve got your attention, ladies, please stop wearing these. They’re horrible, and no guy likes them.)

Now, you may be wondering, “Well what’s so bad about contacts? They’re not harming my life, they’re making it better!” Are they? Are they really? Because money is being spent and time is being invested for you to look exactly the same as you do every day, only now you don’t need glasses. But you still do need glasses; they’re just suctioned onto your eyeballs now. And besides, half the time you’re wearing actual glasses anyway. So what was the point of getting contacts in the first place?

To make me look more attractive to the opposite sex!” you’ll inevitably conclude. But then explain them. And this guy. And her. All of those people are still attractive to the opposite sex (in some cases both sexes) and they are not wearing contacts.

And now, I, too, have been dragged, kicking and screaming, into this torturous realm. Because contacts suck, man. I mean, I have to spend 20 minutes in the bathroom getting them into my eyes in the first place. Perhaps trying to compensate in some way for the uselessness of these 20 minutes, I have given my contacts names. The right lens is “Fuckwit” and the left lens is “Dumbshit.” This is because they are not intelligent enough to stay in my eyes, instead preferring to fall out EVEN AFTER I HAVE CAREFULLY PLACED THEM RIGHT ON TOP OF MY IRIS DAMMIT into my sink, which is probably the dirtiest thing in my house, bar the kitchen sponge. I shudder to think how many diseases I’ll be contracting in the coming days and weeks because my contacts are total idiots.

Now, I must imagine that if my contacts fall out so very easily, then the entire contact lens species must be, as a whole, mentally chhallenged, which means that other people’s contacts fall out. And not everywhere is as clean as my sink. It could be the floor of a well-traveled hallway. It could be the road. It could be (and has been) right into a dissected frog’s preserved innards. I mean, come on. Surely people don’t feel that much more attractive with contacts on, right?

So tell me: do I look better with contact lenses, or with glasses?


Written by Sri

August 4, 2010 at 9:26 PM

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On Shifting Priorities

Every time I come out of a summer break, I think to myself, “I could have done more with that time.” I could have saved the world, maybe, cured cancer. I could have gotten some more volunteer hours in, maybe gotten a job or something. Even though I applied to several businesses and heard back from none of them, and have neither the expertise nor scientific respect to reliably cure cancer. I did quite a bit of volunteer work, to the point where sitting here with four holes in my jaw is some of the only downtime I’ve had since June. And I still feel I need to do more.

More, more, more. It’s the watchword of our society, the mantra by which everybody lives their daily lives. Need to get on your boss’s good side? Work more. Need to keep that job in these tough economic climes? Put in more hours than the guy in the cube next to you. Want to get into Harvard? Well, that’s a crapshoot no matter how you look at it, but it damn sure wouldn’t hurt to put in more volunteer hours, do more stuff. More more more.

Whatever happened to getting on your boss’s good side by taking him out to dinner? Whatever happened to prioritizing, to learning how to get the important stuff done first so you can relax? Whatever happened to positive attitudes?

I’ve been noticing, more and more, that the topics of discussion amongst regular people trend towards the bad stuff going on in the world. Listening to my parents talk means being treated to a discussion on whether their jobs are going to remain theirs, or whether I’ll get into a good college and do well in it.

I don’t know. I used to be that guy, Mr. Cheer-Up-Already-Damn-It. I think the stress of the world is getting to me now, same as it’s gotten to some of you already. It’s odd, dealing with the fact that who you thought you were is not really who you’re becoming. Or who you want to become. Maybe this is a part of growing up. Probably it is. All I know is I can see my goals, my priorities, shifting, changing away from what I thought they were to something completely different. This time last year, I was convinced I’d be going into the business world, living the high life in New York City. Now, I’d like nothing better than to sit in some lab and mess with DNA for the rest of my life in some secluded glade in Washington State.

Perhaps this is that damn work ethic popping up again. One last academic hurrah before going off to college, where I’ll be naught else but a data point, left to sink or swim on my own. Every time in the past when the voice in the back of my head goes, “Do some work this time, or you’ll be sorry!” I nearly always choose to ignore it. This time, though… I’m thinking maybe I should listen to it. Seriously. It’s unprecedented. Maybe that’ll be my goal for this year… actually put some effort into what I do, instead of merely skating by on whatever transient information I already know, or manage to pick up in class between naps.

What else do I have to lose, right?

Written by Sri

September 27, 2009 at 1:19 PM

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So, for the two of you who care…

I’m sorry I haven’t posted that much as of late. Too much crap getting in the way, life and such, the usual bullshit. I wish I could make this blog a priority right now, but the mundane demands of real life are getting in the way of my creative sparks and diverting them to their own selfish purposes. As it is, I think I may have to take an extended hiatus from this blog. I’m sorry guys, and thanks for all the support.

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May 31, 2009 at 3:25 PM

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1 Concert Old!

It is with much joyful trepidation that I annouce that today is Musings on Everything’s first birthday! Well, in a matter of speaking. I started the blog, as you may or may not remember, just after I  came home from the Fall Concert earlier this year. So, in the spirit of that, and to maintain ties to the music department and concerts in general since I will no longer be participating in them, I’ve decided to start counting the age of this blog in concerts, rather than posts or years or comments or some such triteness as that.

So here’s to Musings on Everything’s first concert! Hopefully, I’ll find the time to get this thing to its second ;)

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April 29, 2009 at 2:14 PM

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It Never Stops! (AAAAAHHHH!)

Yeah, so, I am so ridiculously sorry, but I can’t even find the time to begin writing a post right now. Too many tests, too little time. Anyway, I promise I’ll make up for it after May 14. Till then, ta!

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April 25, 2009 at 11:43 AM

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Would you look at that. I haven’t posted a single thing in a looooong time. Hrmph. This is what comes from being on spring break and freedom and discovering Twitter all over again and all that, I suppose. Rest assured I do have a few things up my sleeve, and what I think is a rather interesting idea kicking around. You guys probably won’t think so, but whatever. Enjoy whatever’s left of your break guys, I’ll see you around the bend.

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April 12, 2009 at 4:41 PM

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Well, so there’s this thing called break

….which I think I’m currently on. Also, I can’t be bothered to post during holidays, not least because I have no material to decry. See y’all in January.

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December 28, 2008 at 11:02 PM

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