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The Beginning of an Era

Beatrice Hawkins was shuffling her way home through the streets of New York City when she saw a flash of light in an alleyway. Probably just some hobo lighting up, but you could never be too careful. She quickened her pace. Suddenly, a gun barrel was in her face and there was an extremely large man in an NYU sweatshirt ripping her handbag from her grasp. He ran away, but before he had taken ten steps a very large and very black lion came out of nowhere, assaulted the man, slashed his hand off with a huge paw, and chased him away.

Beatrice went over to the severed hand, still clutching her bag, and shakily retrieved it from its grasp. She made two notes: Find a better way to get home from Bernie’s, and boy, would she have a great story to tell the girls on bingo night!


Walter Chung, of Gary, Indiana, was raking the leaves in his backyard in preparation for his niece’s birthday party when he saw a flash of golden light apparently coming from his elm tree. He watched the light coalesce into a young man, very young, about 17 or so, looking around with great interest. The boy glanced at a handheld GPS unit for a second, noted something (the GPS coordinates?) in a red-spined spiral notebook, and then disappearing by turning back into golden light and sort of… diffusing away. Walter was inclined to think that this was Jesus, except Jesus didn’t need a GPS. Did he?


Far, far away, in the blackness surrounding the Centauri system, a human floated, oblivious to everyone and everything, not that it was aware that there was anyone or anything around to be oblivious to. It was energetically flailing its upper appendages like it was swimming, except that this was deep space and there was nothing to push off of. It soon gave this up as a bad job and just floated for a while, staring at the double star with what appeared to be interest, though it was hard to be sure. It noted something down in a red-spined spiral notebook that was floating a bit to its left, and then let it go again. Curiously, it then started flapping the notebook behind itself like a fan. This, when it failed to give more than the slightest bit of velocity, was also given up. The human then closed its eyes and promptly disappeared in a ripple of space. Seriously. The area right around where it had been was rippling.

The comm-probe recording all this from a few hundred klicks away up the ecliptic, afforded with a bit of sentience due to its mission parameters, did not know what to make of this. Sure, it had been observing the humans from here for quite some time, but this was the first it had ever seen up close. It dutifully packed up the video and sent it off.

The comm-probe turned its sensors and hyperwave recorders back on the Sol system and kept on recording.


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March 5, 2009 at 11:46 AM

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